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Here you can move safely – traces on the Internet

Your safety is our highest priority. Which is why the support hotline website neither records nor stores any information about you. Our website also has an “Emergency exit” button, which enables you to leave our website with a single click.

Erasing your tracks on the Internet:

History/cache: Your Internet browser stores information, data and graphics from the websites you have recently visited. In order to make sure that other people can’t look up this information, you should delete the saved data. This can be done via your browser settings.

  • Mozilla Firefox:
    Click on the menu “Extras” and select “Neueste Chronik löschen” (Delete most recent history). From there choose “Alles” (All) to be absolutely sure and click the button “Jetzt löschen” (Delete now).

  • Internet Explorer:
    Click on the menu “Extras” and select “Internetoptionen” (Internet options). On the tab “Allgemein” (General) under the section “Browserverlauf” (Browser history) you can a) select that the browser history be deleted automatically every time the program is closed or b) select under “Löschen” (Delete) which browser data should be deleted and delete it manually with the button “Löschen” (Delete).

  • Google Chrome:
    Click on the Chrome menu in the browser’s toolbar and select “Tools”. Next, select “Browserdaten löschen” (Delete browser data). In the box that appears activate the field “Browserverlauf löschen” (Delete browser history) and select every option to be absolutely sure. Click the button “Browserdaten löschen” (Delete browser data) to finish.

  • Safari:
    Click the menu “Verlauf” (History) and select “Verlauf löschen” (Delete history). Confirm by clicking the button “Löschen” (Delete).

  • Browsers on mobile phones
    As the exact names of the appropriate functions vary considerably with the various devices, we unfortunately cannot give general instructions here. However, it is possible on all devices to delete the browser history. This can generally be done from the settings of the browser used.

Despite the above instructions, it is possible that all traces of your Internet usage may not be successfully deleted. Many types of browsers have additional ways in which they save information about the websites visited. The securest approach for finding information is thus to use a computer other than your private computer (for example in an internet café, at work or of a person whom you trust). No matter which computer you use though, you should always delete the cache as described above.

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